Stahmann Pecan Estate Photos

Browse our photos and see our estate pecan orchard. We handle the entire process from growing to shipping our bulk pecans to clients around the world.

People often ask us why we are known as “Estate Grown” when we talk about our pecans. In comparison with our competitors, having estate grown pecans as a model for business is uncommon. Pecan growers typically do not adopt this model, and yet it has provided us with the ability to provide the highest quality raw pecans on the market. The term refers to the care we place in the entire production process on the Stahmann Pecan farm.

We handle all aspects of production from start to finish. We don’t ship our pecans to third parties to shell or process them further. We perform all of the work on the 3200-acre farm, located in the fertilely productive Mesilla Valley along the Rio Grande River.

We take care of the growing, harvesting, shelling, packaging and shipping our Kosher pecans to several markets, including industrial, wholesalers, rebaggers, specialty food, and other commercial markets. We ship around the world to customers who buy bulk pecans.

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We take great pride on quality, certified, Kosher pecan meats. Contact us at or 575-526-2453, ext. 108 to speak to one of our Pecan Sales Experts who can help you with more information and order.