Third Party Certification



Stahmanns Pecans for Certified Bulk Pecans and Wholesale Prices

Having top quality pecans is what is expected in the industry. As a specialty food, gourmet, broker or repackage customer of pecans, you want the best. Stahmanns goes above and beyond to ensure our pecans are high quality.

Ensuring High Quality with Certified Kosher Pecans

We have repeat customers because they tell us our pecans are the best in the industry. We make the effort to keep high quality standards with testing and certification. Our strong adherence to food safety gives our customers the peace of mind they need to repeatedly select our certified pecans.

Our pecans maintain high standards of quality with the Star-K Kosher certification. Having certified pecans ensures your food products are meet continual quality protocols and standards. Certification can also be used as a key marketing approach for your product. With the Star-K Kosher certification, you can reach the target market that always buys Kosher products.

Stahmann Pecans ensures global quality standards with Silliker’s SQF Code Edition 7.2 at level 3 for comprehensive food safety and quality management. Our pecans are consistently tested through Silliker as part of the certification requirements.

Contact Stahmanns for Bulk Pecans

At Stahmanns Pecans, we take great pride in our estate grown bulk pecans. We ensure top-quality, Kosher certified bulk pecans and handle the entire process from growing to shipping for clients around the world. Contact us to find out more about our wholesale-certified pecans at or 575-526-2453, ext. 108 to get started.