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Third party certification: proof of quality and stability

At Stahmanns we take pride in being one of the leading pecan growers in the world. Our success as a family-operated business since 1932 stems from this continuity of ownership and the accompanying stability it provides in our operations. Keep in mind, many of our trees are as old as the farm, and in addition to the Stahmann family, several of our employees have been with us through at least three generations. We have cared for our trees and our employees for over 80 years now. So we know how to grow pecans and manage the end-to-end process – Estate Grown Pecans.

Our bulk pecans are known for their quality and excellent taste, which come from the care we give to our trees through the shelling and packaging process, including careful monitoring of moisture content of the shelled pecans – which can affect taste.

Our third party certifications give testimony to our quality, and signify to the consumer that a recognized authority has examined our product and processes and has approved our pecans under the organization’s standards.

Silliker Global Certification Services
SQF Code Edition 7.1

Silliker SQF Certification

The SQF (Safe Quality Food) program is administered by the SQF Institute, part of the Food Marketing Institute. Our operation is was audited on May 30, 2014 and certification received on July 11.

Star-K Kosher Certification
Pecans can be consumed during the Jewish Passover observance.
Certification received on March 10, 2014.

Stahmanns Kosher Certification

So, as we at Stahmanns see it, we are happy to have the third party documentation of our quality, but we know that our quality comes from the long-term stability, experience and knowledge that the Stahmann family and our employees bring to the estate grown pecan operation.