Pecans for Specialty Foods Desserts and Breakfast

Specialty Foods: What is all this excitement, starting at the commencement of the new millennium and growing more and more popular in the food industry? Such vocabulary never heard before is now gracing magazine and specialty publication headlines:

-Food Artisans
-Entrepreneurial Craft Foods
-Marketplace Quality Foods
-Farmers Market Fresh

There is such an entity as a Specialty Food Association. This organization is where very successful and passionate chefs, purveyors of the unique, importers, and novice apprentices in culinary studies bring a new “joie de vivre” in food prep and finished products to the table. They include items of food that we wouldn’t normally label as “specialty” items, and yet, the pecan for specialty foods has joined the ranks.

Specialty Food Industry Demand

The U.S. specialty food industry answers a consumer demand for higher quality in foods and preparation techniques. There is demand for the convenience of a whole food course on one plate that has all the components of a balanced meal (protein, carbohydrates, fats), while remaining healthy and tasty in the healthier lifestyle of millennials. The industry is an investable commodity because of the body-beautiful mindset of many consumers, especially, perhaps, the American.

Ways to Eat the Humble Pecan

How about trying some of these decadent delights with the humble pecan as the star?

Cream Puff with Praline Sauce and Toasted Pecans: Southern breakfast for two!
Salted Chocolate Matzo Madness Toffee: Is it a candy or a dessert?
Pumpkin Pecan Streusel Pie: An enjoyable choice in desserts for Thanksgiving Day!
Pecan Espresso Toffee made with real espresso: Have it with a latee!
Chocolate Pecan Mousse Tarte: Le petite dejeuner pour les français!

These recipes and so many more featuring our favorite nut can be found at ( Enjoy pecans for specialty foods: the beautiful, brown pecan!

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