Star-K Certification for Kosher Pecans
While most people have heard the term “kosher” as applied to food, it is likely that most folks don’t really understand the meaning of that word. It is commonly thought to apply to edibles that a rabbi has blessed. The truth, however, is that the Hebrew word for “fit” or “appropriate’ is “kosher,” thus identifying the foods that are acceptable for Jews to eat. Generations of Jews have followed the rules while continuing to adapt them to work realistically in more modern times.
These rules consist of several guidelines regarding diet and categorizing food into three groups.


As the name implies, this category includes milk and all its products.


Here we find meat produced from kosher animals that have been slaughtered in the approved kosher manner, along with resulting meat products.


The Jewish word “pareve” means “neutral,” or coming from neither dairy nor meat sources. Such items as nuts, eggs, fruit, vegetables and fish are among these. There is, of course, the requirement that they not be mixed in preparation with any products of milk or meat categories.

Putting these requirements into action, food manufacturers and processors are scrutinized by an organization of rabbis, food specialists and supervisory personnel. This agency oversees a process to certify to consumers that products given the “kosher” symbol have been made in accordance with the rules and are approved for consumption by Jews.

An Example of a Kosher Food

One popular Kosher food is nuts like those provided by Stahmann Pecans. The Star-K Kosher certification Stahmann has earned attests to their maintaining the highest standards in purveying kosher pecans. Repeat clients, including gourmet, specialty food, brokers and re-packers, count on the consistent quality of these nuts to reach the target Kosher market.

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