Pecans In Bulk As A Specialty Food

Nuts may not seem like they belong in the “specialty” foods category, but they do. When pecans are roasted by hand, it brings out flavor that otherwise remains hidden. Or, one can try combining different varieties of nuts to create a delicious mix of taste and texture for another way to enjoy this simple, yet versatile food.

Sometimes, it’s all in how you look at things and taking a better look at nuts in general encourages people to appreciate their value more. Most food shows have specialty food categories, and a lot of people would wonder what a pecan was doing there. Now however, more people understand that nuts of any variety are indeed a gourmet delight when prepared properly.

Seasoned Nuts – A Culinary Delight

Tempting, sweet tastes are very popular with specialty nut fans, either for international or local products. When food suits the region they are in, or reminds them of far away places, it’s going to be a winner at the snack table. Ingredients growing in the wilds can be used to season nuts as well as any other food.

Slow roasted, and then sealed in proper packaging, plain or seasoned pecans will last for a long time in a pantry, purse, or vehicle glove box and make very satisfying snacks when you’re ready for them. People who enjoy preparing their own specialties will be buying pecans in bulk when harvest time comes. Home roasted nuts not only add more variety to a pantry, they make excellent gift packages as well.

It’s All In The Spice

There is a company in Philadelphia, “Society Hill Snacks,” that has been in business since the 1950s using the same recipe for sweet nuts. Now, this company combines various local flavors with other “hot-stuff” from around the world and who would have thought Cajun spiced nuts could be so tasty! Many flavors people wouldn’t normally think to mix with nuts are being tried nowadays, and this produces some of the most interesting flavors imaginable.

Tastes can vary widely depending on where you live. Some southern regions really like their sweets and one very popular way to prepare pecans is by cooking them in a copper kettle with real butter and plenty of brown sugar. This antique recipe for Sweet Georgia Pecans is a Southern staple that can be found anywhere nuts are sold. Lately though, this method of preparing pecans has competition. Another way to enjoy your sweets in the South is by eating pecans that have been double-dipped in chocolate.

Good Presentation & Recipe Hints Help Nuts Sell Themselves

Gift packages, trays or decorative bags can help make a business’ bottom line look good at any time of year. Forward thinking stores offer nuts for sale next to a brand of cheese they would go well with. Placing any food item next to the nut it tastes best with will help sell them both. Many stores offer sampling of the products to convince doubters to buy, and this method works very well.

Many sections where nuts & other foods are found together will also have leaflets with different recipes to try and these are highly recommended. Some stores may even have a rack of cookbooks showing exactly what can be done with nuts. Offering samples, and then recipes to make their own is generally all it takes for shoppers to start buying in bulk and trying all those recipes at home.

Nuts For Health

Simply put, nuts are good for you and support for their health benefits continue to gain in popularity. School children are even being taught about their dietary value. Nuts are a fun finger food that is also good for you, which often isn’t the case. Children don’t seem to mind “healthy” snacks as long as you don’t take all the fun out of eating them.

Nuts are not generally low fat foods, however the fat they do contain is the “good kind.” For example, Walnuts have been linked to heart health and hypertension relief, adding a daily 3-ounces of pistachios to your diet helps lower bad cholesterol, and almonds are considered a good source of protein. One other very interesting bit of recent news is that nuts may help fight chronic inflammation which researchers believe could be the source of health issues from dementia to cancer.


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