Pecan trees


Stahmanns Pecans, one of the largest pecan farms in the world, has three major varieties of pecan trees that produce between eight and nine million pounds of bulk pecan nuts every year: Bradley, Western Schley and the Wichita.

Of the three trees, the Wichita is planted widely and quite popular among pecan farms because it sheds pollen later than the Western Schley, making it the perfect pollinator for the Western, the most popular type of pecan tree.

Advantages of Wichita Pecan Trees

The Wichita is also popular among pecan growers for several other reasons:

  • They grow fast and produce fruit at an early age when compared to other varieties of pecan tree.
  • They bear about a week earlier than the Western Schley allowing orchards to “spread out” the harvest a bit, without compromising the quality of the Western pecans which are in their final stage of ripening.
  • They bear larger nuts than the Western
  • The Wichita resist disease better than other varieties of pecan trees

Drawbacks of Wichita Pecan Trees

But these advantages don’t come without a couple of drawbacks:

  • Although they grow fast early on, they grow very slow overall
  • Wichitas tend to suffer from zinc deficiency and are more susceptible to moisture stress
  • Wichita pecans must be collected quickly at harvest time because the kernels turn amber quickly–especially in hot temperatures during the harvest which may impact the quality rating and price of the pecans.

Most pecan growers agree that the benefits of the Wichita far outweigh the drawbacks, which is why it will remain one of the most popular varieties of pecan tree planted today.

Buying Pecans in Bulk

So if you are looking to purchase Wichita pecan nuts wholesale, pecan pieces, or pecan halves, contact Stahmanns Pecans at (575) 644-8247 to find out more about our pecans in bulk, or answer any of your pecan-related questions. For more information, please check out our products page here

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