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Fancy and Choice are qualities that refer to mainly to the consistency of color of the pecan. According to the NPSA’s Voluntary Guidelines for Purchasing Inshell Pecans:

Fancy shelled pecans must be “bright colored, full bodied and solid.” The word “solid” meaning to be of a uniform color not darker than amber.

Criteria for Fancy Pecan Nuts

Fancy shelled pecans are also referred to as U.S. No. 1 pecans, according to the U.S. Grade Standards for Shelled Pecans published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. According to these standards, U.S No. 1 (Fancy) pecans also need to be:

1) Well dried;

2) Fairly well developed;

3) Fairly uniform in color;

4) Not darker than “amber” skin color;

5) Free from damage or serious damage by any cause;

6) Free from pieces of shell, center wall and foreign material; and,

7) Comply with tolerances for defects (see §51.1439)

In addition, the U.S. No. 1 designation (Fancy) also must meet sizing requirements. For halves they must be “fairly uniform in size; conform to size classification or count specified; and comply with tolerances for pieces, particles, and dust (see §51.1437).”

Fancy pecans are the obvious choice in uses that must be visually pleasing. Making fancy shelled pecans the obvious choice of pecans for specialty foods such as gourmet meals and desserts, or in photographs for magazines and brochures.

Criteria for Choice Pecan Nuts

Choice pecans are still very high quality, but have standards slightly less stringent. Again according to the NPSA’s Voluntary Guidelines for Purchasing Inshell Pecans, Choice pecans must be “light weight, bright in color; full bodied, slightly off color.”

Buy Fancy or Choice Pecan Nuts in Bulk

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