Food safety and health is of the essence at Stahmanns

There is nothing more important here at Stahmanns than food safety, and that’s why we adhere to the global quality standards established by SQF Code Edition 7.2 at level 3 for comprehensive food safety and quality management. Our estate-grown pecans are consistently tested through third-party certified laboratories as part of the process.


The following Certificate of Analysis (COA) specifications lists the quality standards that we must meet or exceed for food safety and responsible nutrition to maintain our status as a Level 3 SQF certified pecan grower. 

Free Fatty Acid Rate Less than 0.6% for Fancy Products. Less than 1.0% for Choice Products
Acid Value Less than 5.0 mg KOH/g.
Aflatoxine B1+B2+G1+G2 Less than 16.0 ppb
B1 Aflatoxine Less than 2 ppb
Peroxide Rate Value Less than 10 meq/kg
Aerobic Plate Count: Less than 10,000 per gram
Coliforms -3 tube MPN Less than 160 per gram
E Coli-3 tube MPN Less than 0.3/gram
Listeria Monocytogenes-ELFA Negative /25g
Salmonella-ELFA Negative /25g
Yeast and Mold Less than 1,000 per gram

Why does food safety matter for pecans?

The above COA is proof of our commitment to quality wholesale pecans, and is required for the food products in the various industries that our pecans are found, including bagging and distributing. The Food Safety Enhancement Act (FSEA) requires facilities to conduct hazard analysis, apply controls for prevention, and to use a plan for food safety. At the end of the day, we uphold these food safety standards to protect your business, as well as the final consumer. 

Your business deserves the best—the best is Stahmanns

Producing top quality pecans is our standard in the industry, and upholding food safety specifications contributes to our overall quality and trust. Whether you purchase pecans for rebagging, buy pecans for commercial markets or simply buy pecans in bulk, Stahmanns has the reliability, protection, and flavor your business needs. 

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