About Us

Since 1932, Stahmanns Pecans has consistently supplied quality bulk pecans for rebagging, as well as pecans for commercial and industrial markets. Located on a lush 3,200-acre oasis in a southern New Mexico desert, Stahmanns’ pecan tree orchard consists of over 168,000 pecan trees that produce 8 to 9 million pounds of pecans each year.

Stahmanns is one of the Largest Pecan Distributors in the World

As one of the largest growers and pecan distributors in the world, Stahmanns has used state-of-the-art equipment and modern farming techniques to yield the highest quality bulk pecans for over 70 years. As growers, Stahmanns understands the importance of quality through Silliker’s global food safety and quality management program. Stahmanns also provides Star K kosher certified pecans suitable for all dietary needs.

This Mesilla Valley family-owned, environmentally friendly pecan farm takes care of all aspects of production on the farm, from harvesting to packing and shipping.  With our modern pecan shelling plant onsite, our pecans go directly from our tree to your table.


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Experience the exceptional quality of estate grown pecans from Stahmanns by contacting one of our Pecan Sales Experts for a shipment of wholesale pecans. Stahmanns is where to buy pecans. For the latest prices of pecans contact Stahmanns at:


Or 575-526-2453  ext: 108