Frequently Asked Questions, Estate Grown Pecans

In which markets does Stahmanns sell pecans?
We serve the wholesale, industrial and commercial markets for pecans. This means that we sell to organizations that buy bulk pecans for use in making food products and in packaging pecans for resale. We ship to customers around the World.

What are Estate Grown pecans?
Stahmanns, Inc. sells estate-grown wholesale pecans, meaning that all of the pecans are grown and shelled on our 3200 acre farm in the fertile Mesilla Valley of Southern New Mexico, along the Rio Grande River. We do not outsource any part of the process: we control growing, harvesting, shelling, packaging and shipping.

In what city in New Mexico are you located?
Stahmanns Pecans is located in La Mesa, NM, which is near Las Cruces, NM and El Paso, TX.

How long have you been growing pecans?
Stahmanns has been a pecan grower in this part of New Mexico since 1932.

What is your growing season for pecans?
Our harvest season usually begins in October and continues through December. The actual start and end times depend on the growing conditions we have had during the previous spring and summer, and harvest sometimes continues into the next year. For the rest of the year, we are tending our trees with pruning, disease and insect control, to ensure a good harvest for the following year.

Do you have to irrigate your pecan trees?
Yes, in addition to rainwater, we irrigate our trees through a series of canals the run from the Rio Grande.

Since you have a single harvest season, how do you provide pecans for the remainder of the year?
During and after the harvest, we package pecans in sealed containers in cold storage throughout the year for shipment to our customers. Pecans have an excellent shelf life when kept sealed in cold storage.

Are Stahmanns pecans Kosher?
Yes, Stahmanns pecans are KOSHER certified by Star-K. Our other third party certifications include registration by Silliker Global Certification services, SQF Code Edition 7.1.

How do you grade your pecans?
Our pecans are offered in 5 grades: Fancy 12 Halves, Fancy Extra Large Pieces, Fancy Large Pieces, Choice Halves, and Choice Pieces.

What specific pecan varieties do you grow?
The pecan varieties that we grow are Western Schley, Wichita, and Bradley.

Is New Mexico a major producer of pecans?
Yes. New Mexico is second only to Georgia in the number of pounds of pecans produced annually.

How do I contact you about your wholesale pecans?

We at Stahmanns Pecans are very easy to reach. You can email us at pecans@Stahmanns.com to inquire about our quality, prices, or any other questions you have about our wholesale pecans.

You can also call one of our Pecan Sales Experts at 575-526-2453, ext. 108. We look forward to partnering with you to find the right pecan type, size, and amount for your application.